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We provide surveying solutions for business, real estate, land development and civil engineering in East Africa.
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A property line map, or a “plat,” is a drawing that maps out your property’s boundary lines, and includes details like elevations, bodies of water and structures.


A Land Survey Plat is a survey to establish the boundaries of a parcel using its legal description which involves finding or setting property corners.


Is an inspection of a parcel by a licensed surveyor to determine possible encroachments or other matters that could be adverse from a land surveying standpoint.




Accurate Survey's Require An Accurate Process

Land Surveying

Our team utilizes advanced surveying techniques and equipment to accurately define property lines, locate existing boundary markers, and resolve boundary disputes. We provide detailed reports and maps that assist property owners, real estate professionals, and legal entities in making informed decisions.

Civil Engineering

We integrate civil engineering expertise into our services. Our team of civil engineers collaborates closely with clients, architects, and contractors to provide comprehensive engineering solutions. From site planning and design to infrastructure development, we ensure that projects are executed with precision, adhering to industry standards and regulations.

Topographic Mapping

Our surveyors excel in creating detailed topographic maps that represent the natural and man-made features of a specific area. By employing cutting-edge technology such as LiDAR and GPS, we capture accurate elevation data, contours, vegetation, water bodies, and structures. Topographic maps by Aspect Surveyors are essential for urban planning, engineering design, and environmental assessments.

Site Planning and Design

Our civil engineers work hand in hand with land surveyors to develop efficient site plans and designs for various projects. By considering factors such as topography, drainage, utilities, and environmental considerations, we create well-optimized layouts that maximize land utilization, promote sustainability, and enhance functionality. This integrated approach ensures that the design aligns with the surveyed land features and meets the project objectives.

Infrastructure Development

Aspect Surveyors combines land surveying and civil engineering expertise to support the development of essential infrastructure. Whether it's roadways, bridges, utilities, or other civil works, our team ensures accurate staking and layout during construction. We also provide engineering design services for infrastructure elements, considering factors such as traffic flow, load capacity, and environmental impact to deliver safe and sustainable solutions.

Land Development Consulting

We provide comprehensive land development consulting services to clients involved in residential, commercial, or industrial development projects. Our experienced surveyors assess the feasibility of land development, offer recommendations on subdivision layouts, and assist with zoning regulations. By combining their expertise with cutting-edge technology, our team helps clients navigate the complex process of land development, ensuring optimal results.


We Help You to Survey

Aspect Surveyors is committed to delivering precise, reliable, and customized geospatial solutions. Whether you require accurate boundary surveys, detailed topographic maps, construction staking, land development consulting, or GIS services, our expert team is equipped to meet your specific requirements. 

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Aspect Land Surveyors LTD was established in the year 2021 and has operated continuously. Traditionally, our practice has been concentrated in the lower Eastern part of Kenya. However, the Company has not been limited to this region, as other projects have been undertaken in various locations including Nairobi, Western & Nyanza, Rift Valley and the Coast. In addition, company principals and employees have extensive experience with projects in Central and other parts of the country.

Working with Aspect Surveyors was an excellent experience. Their land surveying and civil engineering services were instrumental in our project's success. Their surveyors provided accurate boundary information and topographic maps, which guided our construction process. The integration of civil engineering expertise ensured efficient site planning and infrastructure development. The team was professional, responsive, and delivered exceptional results. I highly recommend Aspect Surveyors for their expertise and seamless integration of surveying and engineering."

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Satisfied Clients

I had a boundary dispute that was causing significant stress until I engaged Aspect Surveyors. Their surveyors quickly resolved the issue by conducting a thorough boundary survey, providing indisputable evidence of the property lines. Their professionalism and attention to detail were commendable, and the final report was clear and comprehensive. Aspect Surveyors gave me peace of mind and expert guidance throughout the process. I am grateful for their services and would not hesitate to recommend them.

Emilly, S
Real Estate Developer
Mark K.

As an environmental consultant, I frequently rely on Aspect Surveyors for their land surveying and GIS services. Their accurate topographic maps and spatial data analysis greatly assist in our environmental assessments. The integration of GIS technology helps us identify environmental features and make informed decisions. The Aspect Surveyors team is knowledgeable, responsive, and always goes the extra mile to meet our project requirements. I highly recommend their services to anyone in need of geospatial solutions.

We have collaborated with Aspect Surveyors on multiple urban planning projects, and their expertise has been invaluable. Their topographic mapping services provided us with detailed and precise information for our planning processes. Their civil engineering team contributed to the design and development of infrastructure, ensuring seamless integration with the surveyed land features. Aspect Surveyors’ professionalism, attention to detail, and timely delivery of results make them a trusted partner for our municipality.

Collins, T
Environmental Consultant

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To get a land survey done, simply reach out to Aspect Surveyors with your project details. Our team will discuss your requirements, conduct a site visit, collect necessary data, and perform the survey using advanced equipment and techniques. After completing the survey, we will provide you with detailed reports and maps.

The cost of a project can vary based on factors such as the scope, size, complexity, and location. Aspect Surveyors provides competitive pricing, and we offer customized quotes based on your specific project needs.

Yes, at Aspect Surveyors, we adhere to all relevant industry standards and regulations. Our surveying and engineering practices are designed to meet or exceed the requirements set by local authorities and professional bodies.

Our team consists of highly experienced and skilled professionals who have extensive expertise in land surveying, civil engineering, and related fields. We continuously invest in training and advanced technology to deliver the best results to our clients.

Aspect Surveyors’ land development consulting services include site planning, infrastructure design, zoning assistance, and more. Our civil engineering expertise ensures that land development projects are well-optimized, sustainable, and compliant with local regulations.