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Aspect Land Surveyors LTD was established in the year 2021 and has operated continuously. Traditionally, our practice has been concentrated in the lower Eastern part of Kenya. However, the Company has not been limited to this region, as other projects have been undertaken in various locations including Nairobi, Western & Nyanza, Rift Valley and the Coast. In addition, company principals and employees have extensive experience with projects in Central and other parts of the country.

Mission & Vision

To ensure we provide high quality service that is pocket friendly and environmentally sensitive. In addition, we provide sound consultation services and quality assured products while upholding competence and constant upgrade and updating to industry standards.

Why choose us

We are Professional Land Surveyors

The surveyors and engineers at Aspect Land Surveyors LTD possess requisite skills for undertaking any type of survey project and will provide prompt, efficient and cost-effective results as is has been the case in the many projects we have successfully completed

Client Satisfaction

Choosing Aspect Surveyors ensures that clients receive top-notch surveying and engineering services, tailored to their requirements.

Project Planning

An effective project plan ensures that the project is well-organized, optimized, and aligned with stakeholder expectations, leading to a higher likelihood of achieving desired outcomes and project success.

Our Vision & Mission

To ensure we provide high quality service that is pocket friendly and environmentally sensitive.


From residential homes to large-scale infrastructure projects, successful construction depends on effective project management, quality control, and adherence to safety standards.

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What Client Saying

Our Personnel

The firm consists of qualified and experienced surveyors. Our staff are trained in all types of surveys. Each member of our team is required to demonstrates a strong personal character and willingness to work within both urban and remote areas. In addition, we run a fully equipped office both in human capital and hardware.








Equipment and Technology

Our field computers consist of Laptop, notebooks and Hewlett-Packard handheld. Our office computing capability includes the latest in computers technology for the COGO/CAD workstations running AutoCAD, Contour & Earthwork calculation Software and GIS Software. Our plots and final drawings are prepared on an A1 size plotter. The office is fully supported with the latest Office software monitoring all aspects of jobs.

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